Linen - Fusion Mineral Paint 4 TESTER 37 ml SIZE BOTTLES

Linen - Fusion Mineral Paint 4 TESTER 37 ml SIZE BOTTLES

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Linen is a beautiful brown-grey that can have a modern or antique look depending on how it is applied. This color will bring warmth to any room!

$19.96 for FOUR 37 ml tester size bottles. These bottles may be small, but the coverage is unbelievable! It is perfect for small projects. And, will cover approximately 150 square feet.  The 500ml (1 pint) bottle is no longer available through Fusion Mineral Paint

Fusion Mineral Paint

Ever wonder Why Fusion Mineral Paint is the most sought after DIY Decor Furniture Paint? As you can imagine, we get this question ALL of the time.   You have seen the beautiful projects, and heard the buzz,  and you wonder,  exactly what is the deal here anyway?! What is it that makes Fusion Mineral Paint so wonderful and different? Why would I choose Fusion over a chalk type paint?  Read on friends!

Top 5 Reasons to Use Fusion Mineral Paint!

  • Built-in Top Coat – No Waxing needed!
  • Minimal Prep
  • Zero VOC & Virtually Odorless
  • Exceptional Coverage & UV Resistant
  • Waterproof & can be used outdoors

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